8 Famous Movie Scenes Created Completely By Accident

Who needs talent any more?

Inglourious Basterds Melanie Laurent

Accidents aren't always a good thing. When it comes to splitting your trousers during a totally gnarly break dancing competition at the local disco, or breaking your sick deck trying to nail that skateboarding trick you saw on Tony Hank Pro Skater in real life - there's some pains we could live without. Or at least leave in the 90s. An oddly specific start to this list, but I digress.

Magic can come in the most unexpected of forms when it comes to mistakes, and the film industry knows this better than most. Often employing actors ready to improvise at the drop of a hat and work their way through scripts with little guidance, filmmakers are prepared for just about anything to pop up on screen and to run with it - resulting in some of the most intense, hilarious, or perfectly fitting scenes within their films. For example, we all know about the Django Unchained moment where Leonardo DiCaprio cuts his hand, and it's one of the most impressive parts of the movie.

Making good use of the cameras rolling then, you can guarantee these scenes are far more entertaining than a You've Been Framed skit - and no where near as set up...

8. But Why Male Models? - Zoolander

Inglourious Basterds Melanie Laurent
Paramount Pictures

Focussing on an air-headed male model and his escapades within the fashion industry, Zoolander is Ben Stiller's comedy bashing of all things aesthetic, with a horde of attractive men and women at his disposal and a pout that can stop shurikens in their very path. It's completely harmless, and about as silly as it sounds, highlighted with a 'freak gasoline-fight' incident.

Creating one of Zoolander's most unwittingly funny moments and an endlessly quotable line to boot, this scene is one that happened by the most natural of all mistakes possible - Ben Stiller completely forgot his lines. Bumbling and not wanting to ruin the shot, he simply repeated his line after David Duchovny gave a lengthy explanation; driving home the stupid male model stereotype perpetuated throughout the movie.

Well hey, maybe it was method acting, then.


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