8 Famous Movie Scenes That Were Hell To Film

Shoots that put the cast and crew through the meat grinder.

20th Century Fox

Iconic movie scenes often become way more famous than the film they belong to. Their imagery becomes part of the collective conscious and their dialogue is quoted by people who have no idea where the words they're repeating originated from.

Even those who appreciate these scenes the most and have every frame memorised have no idea how much work went into filming them, and quite often, there was more blood, sweat and tears involved than you might think.

What looks straightforward enough on the cinema screen may have needed countless takes to complete, with the cast and crew hampered by all kinds of unforeseen hardships, from the brutal elements to special effects that just won't do as they're told.

When behind-the-scenes stories of these arduous shoots emerge years later, it can make you see the whole sequence, and even the entire film, in a different light, or at least feel a great deal of sympathy for all of those involved, the folks who went to hell and back in the name of entertainment.


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