8 Famous Movie Villains Who Got Off Much Too Lightly


Watching villains get their comeuppance is one of the great pastimes of movie-going in general: having glimpsed these slimy and often terrifying characters making life relatively hellish for the protagonists, trying to take over the world, and even murdering civilians, there's arguably no better part of a movie than the bit where the villain meets his or her demise. "Yeah, you totally had that coming," we tell ourselves. Sure, we love our villains, but we'd probably all agree that watching them pay the price for their crimes is cathartic as hell. Most of the time, it's the act of "being killed" that brings a villain to their knees. This is arguably the most satisfying way for a writer or director to solve the problem of a bad guy. Unless the point of the movie is that the villain is supposed to survive, it's usually standard procedure to blow them up or shoot them dead when it's time for the credits to roll. Either that, or the villain will act in a manner in which they accidently steer them themselves into death, as witnessed in just about every single movie ever made aimed for children. Sometimes, though, movies will shortchange us in our desire to see the villain get a proper comeuppance - one that they really deserve. Here's my picks for 8 villains who got off way too lightly, considering the circumstances of their, uh, villainy...

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