8 Female Action Films You Probably Haven't Seen

7. Fugitive Girls

Thriller A Cruel Picture
Astra Productions

Something of a lost trashterpiece, this penultimate collaboration between Ed Wood and Bulgarian skinflick auteur “A.C. Stephen” (Steve Apostolof) is basically a synthesis of Ed’s The Violent Years and Roger Corman’s Swamp Women souped-up with heavy doses of T&A for the Drive-in crowd.

Arrested for a crime she didn’t commit, Dee (Margie Lanier) becomes a favourite of bulldyke Kat (Tallie Cochrane, also seen in Girls For Rent), who of course is planning to escape with three other women-in-prison movie caricatures. There’s an embezzler, a jive talkin’ black mama, a white trash racist and never a dull moment as they abscond in search of stolen loot.

Like Violent Years’ juvies, these femme fatales beat up bikers, engage in catfights and rape any man they come across, and Apostolof leaves nothing to the imagination, particularly in a scene where they fall foul of predatory hippies who force them to strip before the girls turn the tables and run. Then they start disrobing again because their clothes are lice-ridden etc.


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