8 More Films That Clearly Ended With World War 3

"I feel the need, the need to incense a world superpower and start a chain reaction that can only end in a nuclear holocaust."

There's nothing like a good action movie €“ a chance to sit back and soak in glorious carnage and general badassery exuded by the protagonists. There are different degrees of action movies; the limited, claustrophobic survival story mastered by Die Hard and the globe-trotting adventures of the Mission: Impossible franchise are two prominent examples. Sometimes, these suave heroes get a bit carried away or wreak a bit too much havoc in a foreign country; films are very good at avoiding the diplomatic consequences of the guns-blazing actions of the characters. Certain films in particular would have certainly have set off an international incident €“ in the real world, countries would not take kindly to American agents running amok in their cities and killing their citizens, nor would America respond kindly to gunfights on their soil with agents of another nation. Indeed, we've covered this before, but such is the blazing idiocy of some movie protagonists that we felt we had to get right back on that horse. So for your consideration, here are eight films whose plots would have led to World War III. Either because of actions of protagonists in hostile territory or an attack on American soil by the antagonists, peace is an extremely unlikely prospect in the aftermath of these plots. Feel free to mention other movies that fit this mold in the comments or point out ways peace could be achieved; film-focused debates are always a blast to be a part of!

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