8 Films That Ended Too Soon

7. World War Z

Get out ending

Even with several extra months to shoot alternate endings, and a ballooning budget to prove it, the final cut of Mark Forster's World War Z seems to have decided to do away with an ending altogether.

Throughout the story it becomes suspected that World War Z's zombies have zero interest in those with terminal illnesses, so while our heroes can't undo the undead infection, they can make it easier to live with.

As the film closes out, Brad Pitt’s character finds himself facing down a lone zombie, and is forced to test this theory by injecting himself with a pathogen. Lucky for him, it works, and the undead eyeing him up for elevenses loses interest and shuffles away.

Then… the film just kind of ends.

Pitt narrates your standard epilogue voiceover, complete with the stereotypical “this is not the end” line, even though you know it is.

Footage shows the next stages of the zombie infestation: Similar camouflage drugs produced en masse, folks evacuated from major areas, and some awesome but very brief shots of zombies herded into a football stadium and then destroyed.

The problem is that it would’ve been far more interesting to actually have these play out as plot points, not a rushed, sappy montage.

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