8 Franchises With Two Movies That Deserve To Become Trilogies

Hellboy 2 The Golden Army It seems kind of insane to suggest that, in this era of endless reboots, remakes, sequels and spin-offs, even more movies are made in the same vein. Because what are these abominations, except for unoriginal continuations of motion pictures that already exist, created purposely to generate profit from the good will of audiences who enjoyed the first installments and have been tricked into thinking they want a little more? And whereas most sequels do fall into that depressing category, there are a few franchises which genuinely do deserve to culminate in trilogy form. That's to say, there are some franchises which have been unable to finish telling their stories, and should genuinely be given the opportunity to do so. I'm not saying that every proposed third movie would turn out great, of course, but I think - given the way these franchises have evolved so far - they'll feel forever incomplete if we don't at least try. You know, as if they're lacking an appropriate bookend of sorts. Check out the 10 franchises I've gathered up here, then, all of which consist - so far - of just two movies and would do well to embrace another installment in the near future...

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