8 Great Actors Who Didn't Realise They Were Being Weirdly Typecast

Bring. Him. Home. AGAIN!

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Typecasting is a difficult double-sided conundrum for an actor: if you're great at playing a certain type of role, why stop while the money keeps coming in? At the same time, audiences may eventually tire of an actor and assume they simply haven't got any range, so they're best advised to shake things up every now and then.

These 8 world-class actors have certainly proven themselves diverse actors throughout their careers, but that hasn't stopped them becoming typecast in ways either thoroughly unconventional or not immediately obvious to audiences or even the actors themselves.

None of these actors will be facing the unemployment line any time soon, but some of their samey career choices are nothing if not bizarre.

8. Tom Hanks Is...A Guy Who Sucks At Travelling

Tom Hanks Cast Away Captain Phillips Inferno
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Tom Hanks really doesn't have the best of luck when it comes to leaving the house, does he? His globe-trotting antics over the last two decades in particular have landed him in some perilously hot water, and in one instance even resulted in his character's demise.

Examples: Hanks was sent into space and almost killed by shuttle failure (Apollo 10), died during a mission in WWII Normandy (Saving Private Ryan), was marooned after his plane crashed over the Pacific Ocean (Cast Away), was left stranded in an airport on his way into the U.S. (The Terminal), had his cargo ship attacked by pirates (Captain Phillips), was forced to crash-land a plane on the Hudson River (Sully), and almost ended up murdered by maniacs multiple times in both France and Italy (the Robert Langdon trilogy).

Granted, going into space and to war are inherently dangerous, but working for Fed Ex, Maersk and Harvard University are about as safe as jobs get, right? Plus, isn't flying the safest way to travel, especially if you're the freaking pilot, as in Sully's case?


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