8 Great Actors Whose Bad Experiences Caused Them To Quit Hollywood

You can thank The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen for why we've had no Sean Connery movie in over ten years.

Most people who get into acting can think of nothing better than hitting the big time and becoming an internationally famous Hollywood star. If it's said that there's something a little egotistical about becoming an actor - to varying degrees depending on the individual - then stardom can be said to represent the ego unbound, whether or not the stars themselves relish in this status. But sometimes stardom - and the Hollywood system which both nurtures and, some might say, exploits it - is a fickle thing, and the emotional toll it can take can become too much for an actor to bear. The controlling nature of the mainstream production system can also become too much for an actor to take, particularly if they're more artistically inclined and dislike the studios interfering in the creative process. Whether it's the burden of fame, the pressures of the system or tiring at the endless stream of paparazzi invading their privacy, plenty of actors have ended up turning their backs on Hollywood. Some of them pursue their acting careers in independent cinema and theatre, others give up the profession altogether and retire from the limelight with a small fortune tucked away in the bank. Here are eight actors who packed up their belongings and turned their back on Hollywood.

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