8 Great Directors Who Have Made More Bad Movies Than Good

woody-allen_2324414b There are certain movies directors whose names alone are enough to warrant cries of critical acclaim from the cinematic community. Steven Spielberg! Martin Scorsese! Stanley Kubrick! These are names that act as buzzwords for unabashed quality - when you hear them, you can't help but think about their consistent outputs, and all the fantastic movies that they've given us over the years. But as fans of these directors, we have a tendency to conveniently forget about their mis-fires. All the bad and mediocre flicks get swept under the carpet, so to speak. So although there are directors out there who we constantly praise for their abilities to give us great and memorable flicks time and time again, can a director really be that great if they've actually made more bad movies than good ones? Of course they can, but it really does put things into perspective when you trawl through an acclaimed great director's filmography and begin to realise that, hey, they've helmed a shocking number of bad eggs in their time - so many, in fact, that you might start to question their legitimacy as "great" filmmakers. To highlight this point, here are 8 incredibly famous, critically-acclaimed, world-renowned directors who have actually made more bad movies than good ones over the course of their long careers... Note: I've only included good movies and bad movies in order to weigh the directors included here. Average or okay movies haven't been considered, 'cause everyone makes an "alright" movie from time to time, right?

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