8 Great Double Film Features

Halloween Dodo Sometimes, just one movie isn€™t enough. Maybe you're having a movie night with friends. Maybe you're sick in bed and need to take your mind off the Web MD diagnosis that's convinced you of your impending death. Whatever the case may be, you need more than one movie on your list. You need...a Double Feature. The question is, how do you choose the films that belong on a double docket? Choose wrongly, and you become the living embodiment of the "Bad Netflix Recommendations" Twitter account. None of us want that. But there are so many movies out there that choosing the right pair is often a monstrous task. Don't fear! This article is here to save you...or at least help you a little bit. Featuring films from across the genres and decades, the selections on this list are meant to help you partner up your favorite films - and maybe even introduce you to some you've never seen. Hit Next to dive in!
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