8 Great Movies Told By Liars

No-one can be trusted.

Warner Bros.

People know not to put their faith movies nowadays. With genre classics like Fight Club and Memento luring us in only to turn around and out themselves as liars, it's true that the film industry often takes our trust for granted and leaves us broken hearted in the aftermath. Whether it's unreliable narrators, carefully implemented flashbacks, or just whacking out the plain old 'it was all a dream' trope, we've been hurt one too many times to be able to take films for their word.

But let's be real, that's exactly what makes them so exciting.

We keep coming back for more like responding to a damn 2am "You up?" text as deep down, we don't care about the deceiving: we just want the sweet satisfaction of a well made movie at the end of it. Sometimes we can see it coming a mile off, and sometimes it takes a bit of digging to see film perspectives for what they really are - but its almost always at the hand of a lying narrator attempting to muddy the waters.

As it turns out, some of the greatest movies out there are told by dirty fibbers.

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