8 Gritty Movie Reboots We'd Secretly Love

We'd all secretly love to watch these, regardless of how ridiculous the premise may be.

Since the release of Batman Begins the cinematic world has undertaken a trend of looking at stories in a darker, more brooding manner. Any and every film with an origin story for a popular character seems to have gone down the gritty route, layering the character with intense moodiness, to make sure that YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ME becomes a prevalent theme in the movie. Bruce Wayne had it, James Bond had it, even the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's take on Alice In Wonderland had it; the gritty reboot movie is a hot topic in Hollywood right now. So my question is this: why stop there? Why not reboot the films and tv shows we used to love and give them a darker, possibly even gruesome origin story? So I present to you, the reboots which we'd all secretly love to watch, regardless of how ridiculous the premise may be, because everyone loves a good origin story.

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