8 Hidden Messages You Never Noticed In Famous Movies

8. Escupimos En Su Alimento - Anchorman (2001)

Anchorman Sign
DreamWorks Pictures

Anchormanis packed with jokes on just about every subject, from milk to aftershave, most of them great because the characters are saying them in English (which certainly helps when it comes to, you know, understanding the punchlines).

But not every joke in Anchorman was deployed in the English language, because where's the fun in that, right? I refer you to the scene prior to the one where Ron Burgundy (as played by the one and only Will Ferrell) is fired for his recent outbursts, in which Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) can be seen having dinner at a Mexican restaurant. The name of the restaurant, we see, is the enigmatic Escupimos en su Alimento. Which, by the way, means "we spit in your food", in Spanish.

Though this is just something of a throwaway gag in the confines of the movie, it really does have the power to make anybody who doesn't speak a second language nervous about going out for dinner to any foreign joints...


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