8 Horror Films Ruined By Showing Too Much

Less is always more.

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As Goldilocks will surely tell you, there’s a fine line between just right, and a little too much - whether it’s porridge consistency, bed comfort, or the visibility of soul-devouring demons from the underworld ready to take your eyes out. There’s balance to these things, you know?

Horror films for years have been told to follow the golden rule of less is more, but instead of listening, we keep being given the full technicolour glory of movie monsters with little regard for how scary they actually are. Whether it’s from cheap CGI or bad creature design, characteristic flaws or over-explanation, film has a habit of sucking our imaginations dry when it comes to offering up the scares.

These are the films that have most suffered from the terrible fate of showing that little bit too much, ruining the sanctity of an unimaginable horror by needlessly outing their true form and making it, well, entirely imaginable. What’s scarier, hearing about a half-man, half-arachnid that will tear you in half, or seeing Dwayne Johnson stuck on the top of a CGI scorpion? I rest my case.

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