8 Horror Movie Mysteries That Will Never Be Solved

7. What Does Jason Know? - Us

Bye Bye Man

Jordan Peele's film Us sparked joy among horror film fans upon its release, but left many tongues wagging with its final few moments.

This movie centres on protagonist Adelaide and her family as they vacation in her family's old boat house. Not before long, strange things begin to happen to Adelaide and her anxiety about an entity that she has feared since childhood comes to fruition in the form of a family of doppelgängers standing in their driveway on a dark summer's night.

It becomes clear that this family's intentions are not kind or pleasant, and seeing the original family battle against their identical counterparts is both horrifying and devilishly entertaining. By the end of the film, the audience are met with a stark realisation about Adelaide after a flashback shows the true events of the night she has always feared since childhood, changing the entire meaning of the film and altering the way you might perceive the doppelgängers.

Once the family have evaded the murderous clutches of the 'tethered', the final moments see Adelaide's son Jason staring at his mother while they drive off in the car with the rest of the family. But we can't help but wonder, what does Jason know? Does he know his mother's secret? Is he part of the secret? You decide!


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