8 Horror Movie Remakes That Pissed Off The Original Creators

These horror icons didn't hold ANYTHING back.

Sarah Polley Dawn Of The Dead
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When it comes to the world of horror, pretty much nothing is off limits for movie studios to remake. Even titles you'd think were untouchable, like The Exorcist, have either seen a remake release, had a remake shelved or currently have a remake in the works.

Now, while some might argue this focus on regurgitation over original ideas is the very poison ruining the industry, there have at least been some good re-imaginings of classic horror movies that've done the source material justice.

They might not have been necessary, sure, but there have been examples that have overshadowed the originals (think The Fly and The Thing) or at the very least provided solid thrills, and a trip down nostalgia lane.

Understandably though, remakes don't always sit well with the original filmmakers. Nobody wants to see something they've put blood, sweat and tears into redone purely for profit, and consequently there have been some remakes that pissed off the original creators.

Whether this was a specific detail or simply the entire picture, all of the following artists have a bone to pick with these re-imaginings.

8. Suspiria (2018)

Sarah Polley Dawn Of The Dead
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Like a few movies on this list, I'd argue that Suspiria 2018 is an absolutely solid remake.

It certainly won't be for everyone's tastes but you can't say it's anywhere near the kind of lazy, thoughtless retread that many remakes are. Director Luca Guadagnino had a vision to update this tale of a witch-run ballet school, and for better or worse he stuck with it.

Of course, because his movie is so different from the original in terms of tone, runtime, set design, performances, violence and music, you can understand why die-hard fans of the original view it as complete sacrilege.

Sadly, that's a thought shared by original director and horror legend Dario Argento as well. Though he's not gone into great detail on his criticisms, the couple of things he has had to say about the remake have been damning.

As picked up by Bloody Disgusting, in one interview he claimed it “betrayed the spirit of the original film.” In another he went into specifics, saying that the flick "lacks fear, music, tension, and scenic creativity.”

All in all it's pretty damning and considering the critical and commercial response, it's unlikely we'll get the second movie in this proposed series anytime soon.


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