8 Horror Movie Survivors Who Were Quickly Killed Off In The Sequel

Because survival isn't always a permanent arrangement.

the grudge 2 sarah michelle gellar
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When watching a horror film, so often we as fans find ourselves cheering on the protagonists of the picture, hoping for at least one or two of them to make it out of the movie alive and well.

In horror, that 'alive and well' doesn't always come to pass, and that's due to the genre often being built around clinical, brutal, and unstoppable killing machines who forever get the job done. But that's not to say that there aren't characters who do manage to successfully navigate the horror landscape and survive whatever pitfalls that come their way.

Sadly for some of those faces, surviving a horror film doesn't make you immune from the lurking figure of the Grim Reaper, and that means that a horror survivor has to forever be on their toes. And while somebody like the Scream franchise's Sidney Prescott has managed to navigate four movies and still be alive, the same can't be said about certain other horror survivors.

With all of that in mind, then, here are eight horror movie survivors who were unceremoniously killed off in swift fashion by the time a sequel offering was given the green light.

8. Cotton Weary - Scream 3

the grudge 2 sarah michelle gellar
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The image here is of Cotton Weary swooping in to save the day at the conclusion of Scream 2. But while Liev Schrieber's Cotton was the timely hero, he was quickly killed off during the opening scene of 2000's Scream 3.

When Scream 3 begins, Cotton is now at a point where he's put his wrongful imprisonment behind him and has finally managed to achieve his mission of becoming famous - with him now the host of his own talk show, 100% Cotton.

After receiving a flirtatious phone call on his way home, that opening to Scream 3 soon reveals that Cotton is really talking to Ghostface. And not just Ghostface, but a Ghostface who is lurking in the shadows waiting to attack Weary's partner.

By the time Cotton gets to the scene, his girlfriend Christine is already dead, and only a matter of minutes later we find Cotton Weary sharing the same fate as his beau.

This whole sequence was certainly a hard-hitting and impactful way to start Scream 3 with a bang, and it served as a wake-up call for Sidney, Gale, Dewey, and the watching audience that anything could happen in this threequel.

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