8 Horror Movies Built On A Lie

The truth is overrated.

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Films lie to us all the time. And considering we sit down to watch anything from dragon slaying adventures to planet hopping space dramas when it comes to settling on a story, the truth really isn't all that important if having a good time with a grand story is on the cards instead.

Whether that's a marketing campaign that buries the real movie so deep you have no idea what you're watching when you finally get to the cinema, or a plot that celebrates the endless possibilities of twisting a narrative to the point of no return - there are all sorts of mistruths that go to making an exciting movie along the way. It's true that horror in particular has capitalised on some of the best lies out there to make endlessly terrifying movies - and whilst not every film that bends the truth does so well, the result is always one well worth talking about.

From doomed simulations, to sequels that shouldn't exist, to straight up filmic trolling in its purest form - if horror movies could wear pants: these ones would definitely be on fire.

9. Honourable Mention: At The Mountains Of Madness

The Gift
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A short deviation from the films that used lies to their advantage, here's the one case where a film absolutely SHOULD have been built on a lie - but wholesome, pure, good-hearted Guillermo Del Toro couldn't bring himself to bend the truth for his passion project to come to life. God bless that man.

At the Mountains of Madness was Del Toro's envisioned adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's work of the same name, and would have been a deliciously dark fantasy slathered in his iconic style. The only reason it hasn't already been made - as it was in the capable hands of Universal studios at one point - is because it was designed with a hard R rating in mind.

Apparently, Del Toro knew a PG-13 could have gotten the green light, but didn't want to tell porkies about his project. It's only when the thing got canned that he realised his mistake.

He said himself in an interview with Collider: "I’m too much of a Boy Scout, I should have lied, but I didn’t.”

You should have Mr. Del Toro, you should have.


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