8 Horror Movies That Broke All The Rules

Conventions mean nothing when you already know you're in a horror film.


Horror movies are ruled by genre conventions. Whether it's abandoned ghost towns that come to life at night, run down psychiatric hospitals with one patient that never quite went away, or woodland monsters intent on giving campers an evening they'll never forget - there's plenty of familiar tropes that rule our movie experiences.

Whilst they're fun enough to begin with, in the end, we become bored knowing that the chesty blonde woman is inevitably going to get done in with a pick axe as she gets ready to have an excessively steamy bath. If only she'd run the water cooler and seen the message written in blood on the mirror!

Every now and then though, something's got to give, and a film comes along that challenges everything we thought we knew about the industry to create a whole new variant of horror. Truly throwing the mentos straight into our diet coke, these movies are the ones we never even knew that we needed, tearing up the rulebook and making history in the process.

Conventions might be the foundations that the genre stands on, but hey, rules were made to be broken, after all.

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