8 Horror Movies That Turned Badasses Into Wimps

Horror movie sequels that ruined characters! Not even Jigsaw or Pennywise made it out unscathed.

Pennywise It Chapter 2
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There are few things more infuriating in life than a bad sequel to a great movie. One thing that may be able to top this though, is a sequel that doesn’t just manage to disappoint us but also turn a beloved character into a total sad sack.

It doesn’t have to be the hero of a film either, there are many sequels out there that take a well-known villain and retroactively ruin their reputation. Oh, you liked the mystery around that bad guy’s backstory? Here’s a load of exposition about their exact origins! Maybe you enjoyed the fact that they were cold, calculated and purely evil? Well the next logical step is obviously to make the character into a vengeful laughing stock!

It’s almost like Hollywood wants us to suffer.

Heroes and villains alike, no one is safe from the wrath of the sequel. Franchises may be great for studios’ profit margins but they sure are terrible for a movie’s long-term credibility. Let’s pour one out for the lost souls of characters we once loved; here’s just 8 examples of horror movies that turned badasses into total wimps.

8. A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors - Nancy Thompson

Pennywise It Chapter 2
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We’re starting off with one that you’ve definitely heard before but still shouldn’t be ignored! Of course it’s the Nightmare on Elm Street sweetheart, Nancy Thompson. Well, some treatment for the franchise's sweetheart I suppose - because the third instalment (Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors) saw Nancy go from badass teen hero to gullible little girl.

She’s set up to be a high-achiever in the flick: she’s excelling in her post-graduate studies and qualifies earlier than most to work at the mental institution in which the film is mainly set. We think that Nancy is going to be the one to finally take Freddy out for good by teaming up with a group of other kids who suffer his dream-stalking; after all, she’s incredibly smart and experienced!

However our hopes are dashed when she falls for an absolutely elementary trick by Krueger. He appears to her as her father, Donald, and promptly stabs her to death with his signature clawed glove. Are you kidding me? After all this she is dumb enough to fall for something so simple and that’s what gets her killed?

Surely she’s more of a drip than we thought if she can actually be taken out so easily. Honestly Freddy should’ve tried that trick earlier, sometimes less is more.


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