8 Horror Movies Where An Actor Dies BEFORE Their Opening Credit!

These characters all perished before their actors' name even showed up.

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Though it's incredibly common for horror movies to kick off with a poor, hapless character being forced off their mortal coil by the slash-happy villain, it's pretty damn rare that it happens to somebody before they've even been namedropped in the opening credits.

Now of course, not all horror movies even bother with an opening roll-call - hence why Drew Barrymore's early death in Scream won't be appearing on this list - but when they do, it's expected that they list only the film's principal ensemble cast.

Yet in the case of these 10 actors, each got a coveted mention in the opening titles despite the fact that they'd already been firmly killed off by this point.

Whether A-listers who just had to be mentioned in the credits or a lesser-known actor who made a significant enough contribution to sneaky their way in, these performers all hilariously got the textual nod even though their work on the film was already well and truly over.

Again, it's a huge rarity for credited actors to die before they're even mentioned, but every so often, it does indeed happen...

8. Minnie Driver - Stage Fright

Fear Street Maya Hawke
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Despite being one of the few name actors plastered over the marketing for 2014's musical slasher Stage Fright, the great Minnie Driver ends up ducking out of the movie within a mere five minutes.

Driver plays diva Broadway singer Kylie Swanson, who following a performance of the Phantom of the Opera-esque stage show The Haunting of the Opera, is brutally stabbed to death backstage by a masked killer resembling the play's antagonist, Opera Ghost.

To rub salt in the wound, she's also murdered in the vicinity of her two young children, who then become the movie's main characters thereafter.

Our final parting glimpse of Driver is with a knife sticking out of her mouth, before the title card flashes up, the story jumps forward 10 years, and the opening credits start rolling.

The final two names among the roll call? Driver, who gets the illustrious "with" credit, and her similarly famous co-star Meat Loaf.

Unlike Driver, though, he actually makes it past the first scene - close to the end, in fact.

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