8 Horror Movies Where The Villain Is Really The Hero

1. Frankenstein - The Monster

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Think back to the very first time you saw Frankenstein's monster. At that first glance, the monster itself was deemed a villain and one of the most intimidating presences in the horror genre - but that is one of the most common misconceptions in cinema history.

Once you actually read or watch any of the numerous incarnations of the classic Frankenstein tale, it soon becomes apparent that, despite often being labelled as one of the all-time great antagonists, Frankenstein's monster is far from a villain.

Of course, the real villain of Frankenstein is Dr. Victor Frankenstein.

The good doctor opted to try and play god, creating his own monster to boost his own ego and show the world just how smart he was. But once he'd created this monster, Dr. Frankenstein then abandoned his creation and let it run amok on the local townsfolk.

Sure, Frankenstein's monster does cause plentiful chaos and carnage, yet all that it wanted was to feel a sense of belonging and to experience human interaction. It can't help how it's been created - and that it was promised that a mate would be created - yet the creature is thrown to the wolves and made a scapegoat for the deranged antics of Victor Frankenstein.

Some may label him a tragic villain, but Frankenstein's monster is more of a flawed hero who is forever held back by its own restrictions - restrictions that it has zero control over. More-so, when allowed the chance to connect with a person, we get to see the monster's true heart and humanity.

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