8 Horror Movies With Creepy Urban Legends

The scary stories behind the scary stories...

The Crow Brandon Lee

The scariest thing about most horror movies is precisely how not scary they are. Being wet-your-pants frightening is literally their raison d'être, and yet there are films being hyped as horror out there that couldn€™t get €˜fear€™ in Hangman if you gave them three letters and made the Scream face. That'€™s why it€™'s heartwarming to see that filmmakers are still promoting their fright flicks using the tried and tested trick of lying through their teeth.

Scary stories on set, fictional €˜'this happened to me in real life'€™ tales in the media, sombre based-on-a-true-story taglines - we'€™ve seen '€˜em all, but it€™'s good to see people earnestly making the effort. And yet€ are all of them promotional gimmicks? There are some Chinese whispers about the stories behind horror movies that have the ring of truth to them.

Whether they€™'re based on real tragedies, or just have creative marketing campaigns behind them, some urban myths just feel real. How about you - can you tell the difference between the story and the myth?


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