8 Horror Movies You Won’t Watch Once You Know The Truth

The sad reality is that some of your favourite horror films may well have a murky backstory.

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For so many, the horror genre is something that's always there for them. Whether it's a poignant, thoughtful horror offering, a mindless, cathartic slasher consisting of a ludicrous body count, an elaborate creature feature, a reinvention of an old favourite, or whatever.

The point is, people forever gravitate towards horror and its many wonderful subgenres.

What horror hounds or more casual moviegoers are maybe not so familiar with, though, are some of the real life issues behind the films that are viewed on the cinema screen and in the comfort of your own home.

Some of the greatest horror pictures in history have a rather murky reality behind them, and some of those realities are absolutely heartbreaking. From countless tales of vile abuse, to traumatic exhaustion, to classless moves, to subjects so grim that they're truly hard to type, the sad reality is that many of your favourite horror films may well have a horrible truth or two behind them.

Here, then, we're looking at the absolutely shocking truths that will mean you'll genuinely struggle to be able to watch certain horror films ever again.

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