8 Iconic Superheroes Who Made Incredibly Dumb Decisions

Yeah, I'll just kill this random guy I've never met.

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Whatever good deeds they happen to gift upon the world, the superheroes we see on our screens also seem to have taken up positions as "purveyors of ill-judged decisions," many of which could have been totally avoided had they stopped for a moment to consider what it was that was happening.

No one can be perfect all the time, of course, and everybody is human (although there is a Norse God and a demon on this list, to be fair). Accidents happen, right?

The general conclusion we can draw from these eight examples, though, is that sometimes these guys get a bit too excitable and either get caught up in the moment, causing them to forget that they need to use their brains now and again; some of these decisions are impulsive, made during a fight, whereas others were long-term plans in which the hero overlooked a fatal flaw for reasons we'll never know. I€™ve even thrown in a couple of villains, just to mix it up a bit and show that everyone is equal in their occasional bouts of stupidity...

8. Spider-Man Constantly Takes His Mask Off For No Reason (The Amazing Spider-Man)

The Amazing Spider-Man
Sony Pictures

Andrew Garfield€™s incarnation of Spider-Man was just plain foolhardy. Seemingly every single time a battle grinds to a halt, or he shows any sign of exhaustion, or maybe he€™s just a tad hot, that mask just comes right off (at least in Raimi€™s Spider-Man trilogy the only reason we ever saw Tobey Maguire€™s face when wearing the suit was as a result of it having been ripped).

This isn€™t so much a dumb decision as perhaps lots of impulsive movements on Peter€™s part, as he presumably wants more air but doesn€™t think it through to realise how many people could potentially see his face, especially when at his school, where people are bound to recognise him. There is barely any point in him having a secret identity and wearing a mask at this rate, though. Dumb.


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