8 Most Infamous Movie Star Arrests

They're just normal folk like you and I. And occasionally they get arrested.

There are always two sides to famous movie stars: the prim, proper persona we see on countless talk shows and at awards ceremonies, and then there is the side we know nothing about, the one that flourishes outside of the spotlight. Sometimes, when that private side encounters trouble and the police are involved, the information can't help but become public. And when it blows up, it can have ramifications that affect their career. What many people seem to forget is that actors and actresses are no more human than we are. They have the same vices and character traits that we all share. They screw up, say the wrong things, and maybe even make fools of themselves. The key difference is, when you do it, only a handful of people may know about it. When they do it, it spreads like wildfire all over the media. Decades ago, some personal scandals could be covered up or pushed out of the public eye. As our world has become more instant with information flowing as fast as your internet connection can accommodate, it has become harder for stars to avoid their personal lives spilling out into the public. Some have managed to bounce back while others have been followed by their troubles. Here are 8 of the most infamous movie star arrests...

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