8 Little Known Sacrifices Christian Bale Made To Make Nolan’s Batman Awesome

8. He Kept The American Accent To Promote The Films

Warner Bros. Pictures

Like Henry Cavill as Superman and Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln, Christian Bale is one of many British actors to come along and define a completely American character; there'€™s clearly big money in being able to do a US accent.

First becoming high profile to the general public with Hugh Laurie as House, this isn'€™t a new thing, although Bale has become a poster child for it; his famous rant at a production assistant on the set of Terminator had him famously scream in John Connor'€™s voice. That€™'s really only the tip of his commitment, however; in interviews promoting the films Bale retained the American accent.

It'€™s been suggested he was getting in character for upcoming roles, given this is something not reserved to The Dark Knight Trilogy, but that'€™s only half the story. Starting with Batman Begins, Bale decided it would be strange for people to see an American icon speaking like a Brit, so adopted an accent refined by recent film (I guess it was Harsh Times). This ran through the interviews for all three films, because even in the real world Bale doesn'€™t break character.


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