8 Little Known Tics In Christian Bale's Performance That Made American Psycho's Patrick Bateman Epic

1. He Sweat On Cue For Every Take

American Psycho Cristian Bale
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By the time Mary Harron finished up working with the intensely dedicated Bale on American Psycho she'd come to refer to him as "Robo-Actor". Not because he had a penchant for busting out into a rather stiff jig every now and again or had a static delivery, though.

Harron christened Bale "Robo-Actor" because of his consistent ability to make his body do precisely what was required in a scene, seemingly at the push of a button. This was evident during the filming of the famous scene involving Bateman and his colleagues comparing their hilariously similar business cards.

As the character grew more infuriated and embarrassed in response to being upstaged by the seemingly more impressive cards laid before him, Bale eventually broke out into an agitated sweat. What you likely didn't know, though, is that Bale somehow found a way to perspire at exactly the same moment during each and every take of the scene, according to those on set.

Sure, possessing the ability to shed a tear on the big screen is pretty impressive, but being able to sweat on cue? That puts all those cinematic cry babies well and truly to shame.

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