8 Little Known Tics In Heath Ledger's Performance That Made Nolan's Joker Awesome

3. That Tongue Stick Out Was Ledger€™s Own Personal Tic


Sit down and watch some real life footage of Heath Ledger and the acting achievement of the Joker is only heightened; they have next to nothing in common. The accent, the demeanour (Ledger always seemed pretty chilled in interviews) and obviously the look (it€™s not just the prosthetics; his entire face changes when in character) are so distinct that it€™s hard to think of them as the same person, an effect helped by Ledger not wanting any behind the scenes footage of him being shot.

There€™s only one thing really liking them that's so subtle you probably haven€™t even noticed it before; they both have a tendency to stick their tongue out while speaking. With the Joker it may be a lot more pronounced - check it out in the almost nervous way he prepares himself to torment Rachel - but it€™s born out of the actor€™s own tic.

Given that with Ledger it€™s little beyond a lip smack, it€™s hard to notice, but it€™s most certainly an adaptation of his own habits to make the Joker feel like a real person.


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