Batman V Superman: 8 Major Reveals From The New Images

8. Wonder Woman Is Over 5000 Years Old

It's been said a few times before now that Wonder Woman's involvement in Batman v Superman helps set the stage for Justice League, and Snyder reiterates that in this issue of Empire when he talks about how including the character led to them realising how easy it would be to jump from this movie straight to that team-up. However, even more interesting than that are the new details about how she's being portrayed here. For starters, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman is over 5000 years old in the DC Films Universe and is actually retired when the movie begins. Her superhero days are long behind her in fact, and there's a very good reason for that. "Because she's seen it all," the actress explains, "she has seen what humans can do, so it was very hard for her to come back and fight." The fact she's retired as Wonder Woman means we'll be seeing quite a bit of Diana Prince in the movie too, and Gadot went on to explain how these two sides of the character differ. "They have the same attitude. Although when she is Diana she tries to blend in, she is not too outgoing. I don't want people to think she is perfect. She can be naughty." Based on those shots of her getting up close with Bruce Wayne, chances are that's where we'll see her naughty side come out. Gadot also reveals in the magazine that she initially thought she was up for the role of Selina Kyle/Catwoman; that would have been fun to see!
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