Batman V Superman: 8 Major Reveals From The New Images

3. Is Batman The Bad Guy?

The marketing campaign for Batman v Superman has recently shifted to the "#WhoWillWin" hashtag and emojis which allow fans to show their support for either the Caped Crusader or Man of Steel, and while opinions will no doubt be split among comic book fans and moviegoers in general, it very much sounds like Batman is going to be portrayed as the movie's bad guy. "I think at first he found it a little bit hard," Snyder says of Christopher Nolan's reaction to his decision to make Batman the bad guy. However, after getting the filmmaker's blessing, Snyder ran with the idea, and while it doesn't sound like Batman is necessarily going to be a full on villain here, he's clearly not as clean cut as Superman. Even Affleck admits that it's "quite natural that he be the one to cross the line," before adding that he would have never said yes to playing the Caped Crusader if his version was a sequel to the Batman Christian Bale played (so, there goes that idiotic fan theory). "There have been seven Batman movies," the actor continued. "It is hard to find a new angle on that. I've had the chance to do something really fresh with this character."
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