Batman V Superman: 8 Major Reveals From The New Images

1. Darkseid Is Coming

There's no mention of Darkseid in Empire's Batman v Superman feature, but this image makes it clear that the villain is coming to the DC Films Universe very soon. Why the Dark Knight would be having nightmares about his arrival on Earth is hard to say, but we've already seen what looked a lot like Parademons in one of the trailers, so it's clear that this movie is going to set up Justice League with these scenes. If that's the case, then Batman may be experiencing premonitions rather than just normal dreams, and what he's looking at in the distance bears a closer resemblance to Gotham or Metropolis than it does Kandahar. Regardless, that symbol is synonymous with the villain and has been used to signify everything from his eye lasers (dubbed the Omega Beams and actually killed Batman in one encounter), his power source known as the Omega Effect, his Omega Sanctions which trap adversaries in a series of increasingly worsening alternate realities, and even Omega Brands which, in Smallville, marked people who were under his influence. There's just no way that this is a meaningless Easter Egg then, and with Zack Snyder recently indicating that there's more to Batman v Superman's final act than Doomsday, Darkseid may be with us very soon...

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