8 MCU Villains Who Are Totally Underrated

Marvel finally solved its villain problem, but why have people forgotten how good these guys were?

Marvel Studios

Prior to Infinity War, many fans worried if Josh Brolin’s Thanos would be able to shoulder the responsibility of being a formidable yet realistic villain against the entire roster of Marvel heroes. However, the actor absolutely crushed it, and made it look as easy as clicking his fingers...

With Thanos coming at the end of a run which included Vulture, Killmonger and Hela, Marvel’s ‘villain problem’ seemed to be over. Their bad guys weren’t terrible, but there was always a sense that they weren’t quite on the same footing as the heroes.

‘Forgettable’ and ‘generic’ were the sorts of labels which were tossed around. While some undoubtedly fit these categories (Malekith in Thor: The Dark World, for example), others have been unfairly tarred with this brush.

That’s who’s coming under the spotlight today. These aren’t the best villains, necessarily, nor are they the ones we expected to be poor who turned out to be quite good.

Instead, these are the villains that for one reason of another, often left out of the ‘best MCU villain’ conversation, despite deserving a seat at the table. At least they’ll get a chance to shine here.


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