8 More Baffling and Awkward IMdB Profile Photos

It's back! Checking out some of the strangest profile pictures IMdB has to offer! If you missed round one, you can check it out here. To make things a bit stranger, you might notice that IMdB has since changed the profile photos of Zach Braff, Elijah Wood, and Robin Williams. Think that the article may have had something to do with it? Here's hoping! Though, these are much better photos of those gentlemen, wouldn't you agree? Now, I'll just try to let myself in on the joke. Back when I was young and naive, I, myself, put up a resume on IMdB. It's still there. You can still find it. There's nothing to it but three awful pictures of my high school freshman self doing stupid poses in weird locations. So, without what I'm about to do, I have no place saying how horrific some of the following pictures are. Rather than be hypocritical, I'll just go ahead and post my own horrible entry to the list, so we all know that when it comes to IMdB profile pictures, no soul is safe. Not only does that feature some horrible photoshop, but I legitimately thought I'd get discovered if I gave myself purple-tinted eyes. I'd delete the profile, but it keeps me humble. We live and learn. Enough stalling! Let's get this going!

8. David Prowse

It's Darth Vader! ...kind of. It's more like a fourth of Darth Vader (note, Darth Vader, not Prowse) and a few inches of Leslie Schofield. Now, this picture obviously breaks a few rules. First, you should never have your photo be a direct screenshot of a movie (though, many fail this rule). Secondly, it might be best to be the only person in your photo. Thirdly, it might be best to show off the majority of your face. And finally, your photo should probably show off your ****ing face. I understand that for a lot of his work, he's a body double or works as a creature in heavy makeup or suits, but you're not trying to market "Darth Vader." You're trying to market "David Prowse." Let your resume do that part of the job for you!
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