8 More Horror Movie Fan Theories That Make The Films Even Creepier

From real-life deals with the devil to the secret Hellraiser sequel you've always wanted.

A Nightmare On Elm Street
New Line Cinema

The beautiful thing about films is that they leave themselves so open to interpretation, encouraging fans to dive into their plots to search for hidden meanings, connections and brand new ways to view even the most seemingly straight-forward narratives.

Horror films especially invite this level of thinking, with their abstract, often ambiguous shocks and scares relying on audiences to fill in the blanks and come up with their own explanations for just what the hell is going on.

Some of these go right down the rabbit hole however, and must have been put together on a giant evidence board with silly string connecting every detail that supported whatever grand conspiracy had been etched out.

While going that deep on a movie is a little ridiculous, the crazier thing is that sometimes these fan theories actually make total sense, and can make horror films even more terrifying in the long run...


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