8 More Movie Plot Twists So Subtle You Totally Missed Them

But wait, there's ANOTHER twist.

The Sixth Sense Haley Joel Osment Bruce Willis
Buena Vista

Everybody loves a good plot twist, and the best ones tend to sneak up on audiences totally out of nowhere, subverting expectations and making the movie fascinating on repeat viewings.

But not all twists are made for epic, grand-standing moments, and sometimes writers like to keep their clever reveals a little more low-key.

That's certainly the case with these 8 subtle twists, which scarcely even announced themselves to viewers, and perhaps only years or even decades later have they finally been unearthed.

But each reveal and rug-pull nevertheless lends crucial context - be it grim, hilarious or simply eyebrow-raising - to their respective film, ensuring you'll never think about them quite the same way again.

With their devastating logic and even occasional confirmation from the filmmakers themselves, these low-key jaw-droppers will let you watch these 8 classic movies in a whole new light.

So the next time you think you've got a movie totally pegged, maybe take a second look and consider whether you've really covered all the angles...


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