8 More Movies With Seriously Insane Details You Didn't Notice

It's the little things, after all.


Movies go to some painstaking efforts to get everything on screen exactly, perfectly right. Bringing together teams of talented creatives to make imaginary worlds come to life is no small feat, and as a result, sometimes even the most intricate moments can go amiss on the big screen.

Whether its purpose making set pieces that will never make it to the final cut, or spending months on end creating props that are shown for less than a split second, the business of filmmaking can send directors a little crazy for moments that don't really add anything to the story. Years of hard work translates into three seconds in the cinema, and artists the world over weep for their lost time.

But hey, we're looking at it now, right?

Delving deeper into the tiny moments in film then, here are eight movies that went that extra mile (or ten) to create something truly mesmerising, even if we didn't necessarily know it the first time over. From months of lessons for both humans and animals alike, to years of ridiculously detailed references that are never explained on screen, these gems are incredibly fun to discover, but probably not really worth it in the end. Sorry.


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