8 Most Disturbing Facts About Jared Leto's Joker

It's totally normal to send your co-stars a rat and hog carcass, right?

Joker Suicide Squad
Warner Bros.

One of the biggest surprises about Suicide Squad is the fact that The Joker will have a role in the David Ayer helmed release. After all, the Clown Prince of Crime has never been a member of that villainous team in the comic books, making him easily one of the most intriguing and exciting parts of the 2016 movie. 

Oscar winning actor Jared Leto being chosen for the role also came as a surprise, but one it was hard to criticise after his transformative performance in Dallas Buyers Club. 

As expected then, Leto has since thrown himself head first into the role, but in an even more intense and somewhat shocking way than expected. Like Heath Ledger before him, Leto has allowed himself to become The Joker, going through a number of bizarre rituals before shooting began and letting the iconic comic book villain fully take him over while on set. All of that points to the actor and Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman delivering the definitive Joker performance, regardless of some controversial cosmetic changes. 

So, just what kind of disturbing behaviour has Leto been exhibiting since shooting began on Suicide Squad? For that matter, just how messed up will this version of The Joker be?

Here, you will find just eight of the most shocking and disturbing facts about the DC Cinematic Universe's Joker, and if you weren't already excited and just a little bit terrified to see Leto's take on the villain, you soon will be...

8. He's Stayed In Character On Set

Joker Suicide Squad
Warner Bros.

According to a number of different actors starring alongside Jared Leto in Suicide Squad, he's stayed in character throughout shooting. 

This type of method acting isn't really all that strange, but to stay in character as someone so utterly deranged and evil as The Joker can't be easy for either Leto or his co-stars, a fact pointed out by Jai Courtney (Captain Boomerang) in a recent interview. 

He confirmed that since filming began, he hasn't once seen Leto out of character, meaning that he's obviously been left very isolated as he gives his all to transform himself into the iconic Batman villain.

This doesn't sound all that different to what Heath Ledger did for The Dark Knight when he locked himself in a hotel room and started keeping journals about what kind of despicable things his Joker would find amusing. Leto however has been spotted out and about with friends and still touring with his band, so he's not throwing himself into the role quite as extremely.

Even so, the fact that he's staying in character on set and creeping out his co-stars still shows a fairly extreme level of devotion...


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