8 Most Mouthwatering Animated Foods You Wish You Could Eat

If only we could try these.


There is a level of perfection in animation that simply cannot be replicated in real life. A misplaced piece of lettuce that just won’t sit correctly, can easily be emended in the editing suite. All we see is the glory and envy inducing outcome and think to ourselves, how can something that is not real, look so good?

It's easy for us to yearn for something we can never try as they will never be able to disappoint us. The taste of the food will stay as a figment of our imagination and ever evade actual scrutiny. For all we know, they could taste awful.

But for now, let us take pleasure in reliving some of your animated foodie dreams.


8. Kronk's Spinach Puffs


The lovable and well-intentioned sidekick to the villainous Yzma, in Disney’s Emperor’s New Groove, show us why he is truly the ultimate modern man.

Kronk hones his baking artistry in the form of a delectable batch of spinach puffs. Encased within a golden puff pasty is a flavourful, moist filling of salty parmesan and creamy spinach that we can only dream of trying.

The steam emanating from the freshly baked goods only act as more provocation to try and recreate the cocktail party staple.

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