8 Most Overrated Films Of Summer 2016

Sausage Party was hilarious... for twenty minutes.

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Amazon Studios/Bleecker Street/Columbia Pictures/Sausage Party

Given how Summer 2016 was dominated by critical duds and box office bombs, you’d think it’d be hard for any movie to be overrated. There’s just not that much enthusiasm for most movies, and the ones that got some were so few and far between and usually oh-so deserving, right?

Hmmm... not quite. With so much dreck out there, it feels like people were incredibly keen to give something even remotely passable nine thumbs up (whatever the hell that is). As such there's a plethora of decidedly average movies that, if you went by word of mouth, sound like the very future of cinema, but actually aren't up to all that much. Here's the eight most overrated films of the past few months (and, in case you missed it, those that were - gasp - underrated).

But first a disclaimer/musing. As has been impossible to ignore, there’s quite a few movies where the critical and audience consensus has varied widely – Suicide Squad has a 26% Tomatometer score, but a whopping 67% with audiences – so it’s definitely fair to say most films are overrated to one side or another. For the sake of grounding this list, we'll go from general critical consensus (and the somewhat less reliable opinions of Film Twitter).


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