8 Most Underrated Movies From Summer 2016

7. Nerve

Underrated 2016

Nerve is a movie whose trailers make so clear it's "about" something (in this case how personal security is an alien concept on the internet and social media has created both a new breed of celebrity and a faceless force) you expect the full 100 minutes to be a forced message that's the cinematic equivalent of a teen ranting about how to fix the world.

But Nerve is so on-point in its assessment of online culture (if not quite what it's like to be a young person in the 2010s) that its heavy pushing of the topic doesn't hurt, especially because it manages to construct a pretty unique thriller around the idea; pushing reality one step beyond, Nerve is an app where people do dares for unseen viewers of increasing danger for cash.

The dares themselves are a highlight, with an excellent capturing of height that'll get even the most steady head nervous, and it's all enough to make up for what is an often scrappy or predictable plot.

The film hasn't exactly been panned, but its silliness and obvious message seems to have predisposed a few against it. The nerve of some people.


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