8 Movie Characters Whose Revenge Was Way Over The Top

Were these dishes served a bit too cold?

Revenge is a compelling theme in motion pictures for one reason and one reason alone: retribution is innately cathartic. Watching somebody who has been wronged as they attempt to get even with the person or organisation that has turned their life upside down is something that plays to a strange human instinct for justice. Audiences get a genuine kick out of the notion of revenge - an extension of our own hidden desires. €œRevenge is a dish best served cold,€ goes the ancient proverb. But is it possible to serve said dish a little too coldly? According to the following movies, absolutely! Whilst many revenge movies feel fairly even-handed as their characters seek pay back against those who have betrayed or acted against them, there are some movie characters that probably took the idea of vengeance a little too far - to the point where it€™s a tad uncomfortable to watch if you happen to have a decent set of morals. Take the following movie characters, for example, many of whom are famous for unleashing cold, bloody satisfaction. Though they were certainly entitled to seek out revenge, one could most definitely make a case for overkill in these specific cases. Looking back on said movies in retrospect, did they take things a tad too far? Do be warned: there are major spoilers for all movies mentioned in this article...


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