8 Movie Characters You Really Shouldn't Take To A Dinner Party

borat_national_anthem_kuawait_WSN Imagine this scenario: your work is throwing a grand dinner party. Hosted at your boss€™ large stately home, everyone you work with will be going along with their plus ones. But just your luck, you don€™t have anyone to take. All your friends are busy and your (possibly real) girlfriend doesn€™t feel up to it. Looks like you are going to have to take someone else, someone you don€™t know. But then they could do any number of things wrong, because you€™ve never even met them. Then you get an idea - try taking a character from a film. Simple right? By working through some famous films you can easily work out who to take and who not to. But just in case, here€™s a list of possibly the worst candidates for the job. Some are crazy, some are offensive and some are just plain dumb, but all of them will make you look like a moron in front of your friends and co-workers if you took them along for the night.

8. Thor

thor cup Let€™s kick things off with a pretty obvious one - Norse Gods don€™t make good houseguests, especially Thor. He has little understanding of Earth traditions, so would probably not think to bring a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc or even thank your hosts for putting on such a great party. However, things would get very bad the moment Thor would start settling down for dinner. If the God of Thunder merely wanted another drink you€™d be looking at crockery being thrown all over the room. Guests would be running in fear if his boar steak isn€™t cooked thoroughly and he starts flipping tables. And for the love of god don€™t let him grab his hammer and try to tenderise the meat back in the kitchen.
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