8 Movie Fan Theories That Were Confirmed By The Creators

2. Avengers: Infinity War's Soul Stone Contains The Soul World

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MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! If you haven't seen Infinity War yet, proceed with caution.


The location of the Soul Stone was one of the biggest question marks going into Avengers: Infinity War, and absolutely nobody managed to predict its true hiding spot: on the planet Vormir, being guarded by Red Skull.

Thanos manages to acquire the Stone by sacrificing Gamora, and at the end of the film (after eradicating half of the universe) he awakens in a strange, orange-tinted realm, where he's greeted by a young Gamora. Fans theorised that this realm was the Soul World, which exists within the Soul Stone, and is a place where supposedly deceased souls can live on.

And this theory was right on the money. Director Joe Russo recently visited an Iowa high school, where he took questions from the students (check out the transcript here). When asked about young Gamora and what was happening at the end of the film, Russo had this to say:

"Yeah, it’s implied it’s the Soul Stone. It’s all orange around, then he’s [Thanos] inside the Soul Stone with the amount of power that it took to snap his fingers. When he goes inside the Soul Stone he has this kind of conversation with the younger version of his Gamora".

Russo went on to confirm that Gamora was inside the Soul Stone, leaving the door open for her potential return in Avengers 4 and Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3.

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