8 Movie Plot Holes You Didn't Realise The Movie Actually Solved

Why didn't Snoke sense the lightsaber? Here's why.

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It's safe to say that whenever a major new movie hits cinemas, the Internet races to see who can rip it apart the fastest, breaking down its logic and basically sucking the fun out of even the very best movie.

Audiences are more persnickety now than ever before, frantically questioning every last line of a movie's script to the point that a lot of people clearly lose sight of what a plot hole actually is. The subreddit devoted to plot holes, for instance, is both a treasure trove of legitimately fascinating plot holes and people trying way too hard to be clever before being firmly shut down.

Just because a movie doesn't give you all the answers doesn't mean it's riddled with plot holes. Just because a character does something dumb doesn't mean the film's logic itself is wrong. A plot hole is an inconsistency in the established logic of the world and narrative presented, and so that end, these 12 "plot holes" just don't cut the mustard.

They may rely on overt convenience and represent some of Hollywood's laziest writing, but for the most part, they all have sound explanations within their respective cinematic worlds. You may not like these moments or their logical explanations, but they're most certainly not plot holes...

8. Why Didn't Kevin's Parents Notice Him Missing At The Airport? - Home Alone

Kevin McAllister Home Alone
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The "Plot Hole": When Kevin's (Macaulay Culkin) parents get to the airport's boarding gate, why don't they realise Kevin is missing when they hand his ticket to the staff?

Why It Actually Isn't: This is perfectly explained in the movie itself, but it's a fleeting moment and easily missed, so don't feel too bad.

When the family is preparing to leave for the airport, Kevin spills milk on the passports and tickets, at which point there's a brief shot of Kevin's father (John Heard) dumping the soggy remnants in the bin, which accidentally includes Kevin's ticket (with his name clearly visible in black marker).

As if that wasn't enough, the head-count gets screwed up when a neighbour's kid joins the line, so in their mad dash to the airport, it seemed like Kevin was accounted for.

Between this and the infamous phone line "plot hole" that was solved a few years back, Home Alone is a surprisingly sharp movie if you're really paying attention.


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