8 Movie Plots That Could Have Been Resolved By Science In Minutes

Just ask a scientist next time.

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Whilst the vast majority of movie plots could usually be solved by people just frigging talking to each other for once, there are another subset of storylines that could have easily been resolved, had somebody just thought to "science the s*hit" out of them a la The Martian (although, the infamous opening dust storm proves that even The Martian isn't immune to this).

It's one thing to riddle your movie with "mutated neutrinos" and magic "tesseracts" in order to drive the plot forwards, but to contrive an hour and a half of peril from a situation that could be solved, or even completely averted, by casually running your plan past a scientist is a whole other level.

Perhaps, in all of these films, there's a lab coated scientists just off camera repeatedly muttering, "Um, guys?" - perhaps, on all of these film sets, there's a science advisor doing exactly the same, who knows?

Granted, the "sensible" approach would probably be slightly less exciting than sending some rough and ready oil rig drillers to blow up an asteroid, or do battle with an army of out of control robots, or whatever else ignites your testosterone taper, but it's a fun thought experiment nonetheless.

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