8 Movie Sidekicks More Annoying Than Jar Jar Binks

jarjajr Jar Jar Binks is the epitome of annoying movie sidekicks, a character presumably created from a list of things George Lucas was supposed to "leave out" when putting together a comic companion for his prequel Star Wars trilogy - a list he presumably read upside down or drunk or something. Binks is, after all, loud, stupid, distracting, rude, racially offensive, and - as a narrative element - lacks practical usage of any kind. Why exactly two Jedi might entertain his company for even an hour of their time (let alone for as long as they did throughout the course of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace) is an act of insanity and an embarrassing blemish on the entire Jedi manifesto. But you know what? Jar Jar's not the worst sidekick pulled into an adventure he had no real reason to be involved in. At least Jar Jar is a good, uh, "creature, " and attempts to do the best he can with that awful, awful brain of his. I mean, hey, he sort of helps to destroy an entire droid army through some bumbling antics, right? Anyway, here's our pick of 10 other movie sidekicks who'd give the infamous gungan douchebag a serious run for his intergalactic credits. 8. Ruby Rhod - Chris Tucker - The Fifth Element


Ruby Rhod is the kind of character sure to split opinions, depending on whether you think a loud, shrill, exists-to-get-on-your-nerves, whiny, crying transgender-like jabber mouth would make a good sidekick or not. Even I'll admit that there's something mesmerizing about Chris Tucker's performance in The Fifth Element: there's simply too much going on to ignore. And yet, thinking about it, Ruby Rhod would likely prove more even annoying over the space of say, three days, than Jar Jar Binks would. Because Rhod is a essentially a massive wailing baby in the body of a skinny black guy. His scream alone is enough to make you wish you had been born without ears.
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