8 Movies Everyone Remembers For One Terrible Scene

5. Thrashing In The Pool - Showgirls

showgirls movie

Leaving absolutely everything on the table throughout her teen-star-image-smashing turn as Nomi Malone in Paul Verhoeven's Showgirls in 1995, the performance that eventually earned the flick cult status as time rolled by comes equipped with its fair share of head-turning sequences.

But perhaps the scene which caused the most fuss coming out of the flick, notably due to its shockingly jerking nature (in more ways than one), took place amongst the waters of a swimming pool. Stripping off for a dip with Kyle MacLachlan's Zack Carey, Malone soon takes an impromptu champagne shower before the pair begin to get rather intimate.

Or rather, Berkley proceeds to do her best impression of a drunken regular trying their best to stay on top of a mechanical bull.

The scene was such a flop that it actually took home the unwanted gong of Worst Movie Sex Scene when it came time for Empire to judge the cinematic shows of affection. But, I guess that counts as it at least making a bit of a splash in the end...


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