8 Movies That Didn't Know Who The Bad Guy Was

If they didn't know, how were we supposed too?

Thanks to a lifetime of conditioning, Hollywood filmmakers have figured out how to make us root for their prescribed protagonists. It's simply really, just make them funny, cute, whimsical, or any combination of the three. Then it won't matter how morally and legally questionable their decisions are throughout the movie because, look at that how adorable their laugh is!

Unfortunately, we've become so used to rooting for the character with the most screen time that we don't often stop to consider the situation from any of the other character's standpoints. (Well, not unless we're told to by the director.) But as it turns out, not all good guys are so great. Some of them are actually pretty terrible at being rational human beings.

For every obvious hero, there's another principal player whose motives might sound legit, but are completely backwards in the bigger picture. And now it's our duty as vigilant viewers of modern cinema to take a step back and re-evaluate just why we're rooting for the funny, cute, whimsical characters presented to us to figure out if they're really the good guys, or if that's just the simplest way for the filmmakers to tell the story.


Jacob is a part-time contributor for WhatCulture, specializing in music, movies, and really, really dumb humor.